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Hi hello,

My friend asked me to make an online portfolio for her. She's an architecture graduate. So far, I haven't encountered that many individual architecture portfolios online, so I decided to seek for some feedback and some info on it here.

What I'm working on at the moment is the type for her full name. I need something that would look good both in print and screen.

The aspects I doubt about are the width of the type and the unusual "R" I've used (if the curve looks good or I don't need it at all?). I haven't dealt with the kerning on the bolder versions yet tho.

As you can see, it doesn't really resemble architecture itself. Is it a mistake?

You can consider me as an amateur in this field of typography, so maybe I'm over thinking this whole thing and should stick with something clear/simple?

Looking forward to your opinions.

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Have you tried maked the tail of the R parallel with the O so that they are concentric?

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It seems as though you made the "O" only sliiightly smaller than the rest of the letters. Either make it obviously smaller, or leave it the same size. If you haven't, the "O" needs to be adjusted. The curve of the "R" is definitely bad, needs a bit of work... it doesn't look natural at all.

What is that diagonal line on there for?

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@Steven Acres

Now that I look at it, the "O" does seem a bit too small, thanks for correcting. I've increased the size of it and slightly changed the curve as well. I think it does look a bit more natural now.

And yeas, the line... I was just testing how the type blends with geometric objects (the basis of my web design) and just left it there when saving the image.

@ill sans

I'm not sure if that's what you meant, but I have tried making the curve matching the degree of the "O" and it turned out pretty appealing

fixed versions:

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I would smooth the curve of the R's tail and make it ends as if the diagonal of the Z is a continuation of it.

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In the first of your fixed ones, the R has fallen below the baseline, and the curve is still off, it doesn't make any sense. The second is better, but to my eye the R looks like a P that's about to topple over towards the O, with a tail hanging on it in a rather unconnected way. I would curve the tail up a bit towards the Z as Riccardo suggests, and maybe make it connect to the bowl of the R slightly further to the right. I've made a very crude example of what I mean in Paint, I've tried to make the curve of the R be concentric with the O, look like it continues to the Z (I didn't succeed with that one very well), but also made it cross the baseline more or less at the furthest point of the bowl of the R (blue lines), where it would naturally stop if the R was just a letter with no continuing curve.

Just a suggestion from a non-designer who likes to look at things.

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That's what I had in mind! ;-)
Getting the tail of the R to look like a continuation of the diagonal of the Z would require a wider Z (to get a less steep diagonal) or discontinuing the concentrism with the O at some point...
What I would at least try is to make the Z & A parallel as well since you seem to be aiming for a very clean geometric look with this logo.

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