New: Lapidaria – the world’s first tricameral sans

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Ladies and gentlemen,

I take the pleasure to finally announce the release of Lapidaria. A warm Thankyou to those of you fellow typophiles who helped me with advice during the last weeks.


It is a family of nine fonts: three versions (maior, medior, minor – which is upper-, middle- and lowercase) in three weights each. I thought it might be somewhat nice to try a kind of uncial script in a non-historic manner, even as a sans. Hope you like it.
The triple allows to do typography like this:

The fonts are completely equipped for any Euro-Latin language (yes, even Maltese and Welsh ;-). Note that they also contain Greek.

The fonts are available seperately and in varios packs. For instance, there are sets which bundle all Regular fonts or others which bundle all Minor or Medior fonts.
Best of all: one font is free!

Now you’re welcome on the Myfonts-Lapidaria site where specimen in Deutsch and English are waiting for you.

For those who’d like to look a bit in the faces’ background I’ve written something there.

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The ft-ligature is pure genius!
I also absolutely love the ornament used on the top (last one shown in 'Lapidaria-Ornamente' here)!
Great work!

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This is indeed impressive and beautiful work.
Congratulations, and best of success with it!

"I thought it might be somewhat nice to try a kind of uncial script in a non-historic manner, even as a sans."
That is nice. Makes me want to design CD covers of a certain kind…
Pardon the uninformed question, but I'd be curious what [other] sorts of usage you expect (or have in mind) for the uncial forms?

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Congratulations Andreas, very nice!

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…what … sorts of usage … for the uncial forms?

… ?

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Congrats and good luck, Andreas!

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Mmmm...tricaramel :)

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Looking good, Andreas! I hope there will be italics somewhere down the line.

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Thank you all for your kind remarks.

Until June 30 Lapidaria is available at an introductory rate with 10% off list price.

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For those who read German:

Artikel über die Lapidaria von Florian Hartwig

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