(x) AFL Dream Team logo - Usuzi {Tamas}

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Hi there,

Can anyone help me out with the 'Dream Team' font below?

Thanks in advance.

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Spot on, Tamas. That's it exactly. Thanks, but argh! I went to Dafont, and even into the 'Sci-Fi' section, but after trawling through page after page I think I gave up around 'T'. It's always on the next page, hey? Thanks again.

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Ah, then I was lucky I guess because I usually sort them by popularity:)

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Ah, good tip.

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You decided not to notice those cursive/oblique thickening/thinning happening on the upper right and lower left of your logo?

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Tomi what do you mean?

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Tomi, I'm not sure what you mean. It's definitely Usuzi. I installed the font and set the text in Photoshop over my original sample. You can see in the image below where I've coloured the text with 100% cyan and set the opacity at 80%. There's no overlap; it's bang on.

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