New type family at ReType: Kade

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Kade is a display/semi display sans family of fonts based on vernacular lettering photographed over the last ten years in and around the harbours of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Hence the name Kade that translates into English as ‘quay’, also the name of its designer.

Kade grew slowly from many different ideas and elements. The letters reflects the industrial method in which they are cut for the side of ships from large steel plates. Frequently subtleties of curves are compromised due to the cutting tools and the fact engineers are in control. Kade’s italics have an experimental character and were produced in an unorthodox manner by rotating 8 degrees, rather than slanting the roman characters; a method sometimes employed in shipyards.
Kade ‘constructed character’ is ideal for contemporary editorial works, architecture magazines, museums communication and posters.

The six distinct styles are published in OpenType format, featuring small caps and four sets of numbers (proportional old style, tabular old style, proportional lining and tabular lining), as well as matching currency symbols and a complete set of fractions.

Kade can be ordered at:

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This looks great. Lovely idea, well executed.

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Looks nice. And Dutch phrases, making it nicer. :)

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Hartelijk bedankt!

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Interesting and nice! My only gripe would be that some counters (the B, for example) appear smoother than others.

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