(x) Typeface from a Robert Crumb poster (not hand lettering). I've looked everywhere. Help me Typophile. - Marvin {Rainer}

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I've seen this type many times in my youth on TV station promos and now here's a hard copy I found on this Robert Crumb poster. I went through thousands of online fonts (which isn't a chore, exactly) and uploaded it to the various automated type ID sites but am still without clue. I've also seen it a lighter variant.

Thanks in advance. You guys are great.

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Hi Dave,

looks like a pre-digital version of Busorama. Not sure whether such a bold weight has made it to the digital era.

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Well, looks like the predigital Marvin, which was unofficially digitized as Marbold

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Yep, that's it. Why are all the typefaces I like not digitised?


Thanks very much.

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Serif Gothic evokes a somewhat similar feeling.

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frode, I love Serif Gothic too.

If I was living in the 70s and designing paperback horror novel covers I'd be set.

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