Clarence B Hornung, Hal Zamboni and Oscar Ogg

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I'm preparing a short text on manicules and I've found some interesting ones by the above mentioned designers.
Unfortunately the source is from a Typophile chapbook dating from 1946, and their biographies are far from complete. And what I've found on the internet has not been very helpful, so far.

Has anyone something to chip in here?



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Leslie Cabarga knows a great deal about Hornung, wrote about him in The Logo, Font, and Lettering Bible and also gave a conference presentation which someone might have video of.

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I've included manicules in Fontesque, Figgins Sans, and Scotch Modern.
They're original designs, except for one of those in Scotch Modern, which is a revival.
Those in Scotch Modern Display (and the upcoming Fontesque OT) are optically scaled.
Those in Figgins Sans italic are italicized.

Check out the PDFs at to see what they look like.

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James, thanks! I'll check it out.

Nick, You were already in my thoughts, after seeing your Scotch Modern display manicule in St Petersburg. I'll be in touch.

Here's the Zamboni manicule in all its Dick Tracyesque glory:

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I am Hal Zamboni's daughter and have just launched a website about his paintings--he painted all of his life in addition to being a graphic artist. I have attached the link here and you will find a biography of him on the site. I hope this helps you and introduces you to another side of my father. In turn, I would be very interested in learning more about the manicules that he did. You can respond to me at I hope you enjoy the website MaryElizabeth Zamboni

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