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This is Chander from India and I represent an NGO from India. We have come up with a first draft for our logo which you can find attached. Kindly provide advice on a better typeface/type treatment for the logo. I will also be happy to hear your views on the logo.

This is my first post here and I think this is a great site. Thanks a lot!

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I really don't like the font, so I'd adjust it. And maybe you could consider to not crop the leaf as a square.

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Hi Martjin,

Can you please suggest an alternative font?thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.I'll try to make some changes.

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I don't know an alternative one, honestly.
But an idea popped up which you may try out; use lowercase Baskerville and set the letterspacing at very narrow.

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Hi Chander, welcome.

To me the graphic looks rather odd, with the square leaf and the faded tree. When reduced small it becomes a strange-looking smudge that vaguely reminds me of an animal's snout. And the font doesn't seem like a good match for the feel of the graphic.

Not trying to sound overly critical; the logo is a good first step but it just needs more work.

Could you tell us more about the group? What age group? What will they be doing? What ideas should the logo represent?

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Hi James,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.It Means a lot. We are trying to refine it and it'll be great if you can suggest improvements which we can incorporate. The Organization focuses on providing wildlife and conservation education to school and college students in India in order to enable them to participate in conservation related activities..

@Martin: Baskerville is not working out too well. Tried it out.

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> The Organization focuses on providing wildlife
> and conservation education to school and
> college students in India...

Thanks for the additional info, Chander. My suggestion would be to see if you could incorporate the 2 concepts of education and conservation in the logo. For example, taking the tree image you already have (or something similar) and putting it inside the icon of an open book. Or combine somehow the image a leaf (preferably in its natural shape rather than square) and with the image of a teacher. Or any other combination that combines the 2 ideas of education and conservation.

As for the type, the current font just looks a little gimmicky to me. I'd suggest trying a more traditional font, something with a friendly and approachable look.

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