A typographic "zine"

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I have a project to design a short "zine" - my tutors have given me the freedom to chose ANY subject I want!! I'm not sure whether to make it very personal or just choose an interest of mine. Just wondering if anyone has any good examples of magazines or online "zines" that have nice experimental typography? I saw some stuff by Emigre that was very nice and also thisisamagazine.com.. any help is very welcome or tell me what you think would make an interesting zine.

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Here's a crazy idea:
Make a zine that's recursively about itself. The middle spread will be like a regular zine about something or other, with pretty straightforward typography*. Then the sheets before and after the middle will be about the zine in the middle (talking about the discussion about whatever the "center" topic is), with 2-layered typography. And so on with the sheets outside of those engaging in increasingly removed/layered meta-discussion/-typography.

* Or it could be about nothingness - empty.


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Hmm, that is interesting. I will have to figure this one out :D They want us to question what a magazine is. One person is doing a i zine from life to death. I am not so good with these abstract themes!

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I like the idea of a magazine about itself, altough it could be an obsessive task, from the point of view of a student it would be an excellent reflective and analityc exercise (are this two last words well written?).

I would do It

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An empty magazine that encourages the reader to write/make their own contribution - interesting idea, pose more questions than answers. Or a crit-zine where you reproduce an article from a favourite magazine and invite a critique on the basis of typography, design, content &c. contributors could post their observations and this would invite discussion from others, it could soon be enormous.

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> That sounds very interesting, I like the idea of interactivity. But i > have to make it a downloadable PDF file, like thisisamagazine.com. So > the pages will have to be "made" already. I will talk to the tutors > tomorrow and see what they say.

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Read this:
I like as well the idea of interactivity, it just would be for certain kind of people, wouldn't it?

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It certainly would be, but that is what magazines are surely? Niche marketing, niche advertising, aligned on a certain coordinate, and a commercial viability (Something which could be achieved if the circulation figures meet the cost of production

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