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Hi, I´m trying to identify the typeface for the letters "JFK" and the prhase "The American School of Querétaro".

The type on the prhase seems to be futura but the terminals on the "e" "c" "S" are horizontal. ¿Could this be a mix of Avant Garde and Futura?

Also I have tried to identify the letters for "JFK" but the only sans serif typeface I can find with the hook "J" is Vibration Gothic.

Thanks in advance.

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There could be a number of funny things going on here. The initials in the bottom line may be Futura, but the lower case could be Avant Garde Gothic (AGG).

The J may have had its outline tweaked to raise and level off the upstroke of the 'jaw' (could have been done easily with AGG's J).

Notice that the legs of the K are not even in JFK -- possibly more outline tweaking?

Why some of these customizations were done is not easy to explain, but it would be my guess that Futura and AGG were both used and customized in this piece.

- Mike Yanega

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I agree, if this was customized, it was not very fortunately done.

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