Just Another Foundry brings Futura back to Ikea!

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It has been a while since the fruitless protests against Ikea abandoning Futura.

But never say die! The web gives the power back to us, the Futura-loving people: http://just-another.com/futurizer?q=ikea.com


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Somebody having fun huh? :)

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Somebody having fun huh? :)
Oh yes! I think this webfont thing is far from daunting. ;)

Btw, for those who missed the discussion on this immensely important topic of Ikea's font choice last year – read some of it here:

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Back to the Futura!

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Much better!

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Doesn't work too well in Safari on my Mac.

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I'm using Google Chrome v5.0.375.55 (Mac) and all I see is Arial.

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It seems some country subpages work better than others, and some browsers work better than others. Tweaking the fonts for external pages requires playing some tricks and it is not really reliable. Please be assured that the JAF webfont service as such works consistenly across browsers – I realise that these fun projects may give the wrong impression regarding the reliability of my webfonts (which, btw, are not even used in the Futurizer).

Nick, which country did you try? I found that some pages (such as Canada) are particularly Flash-heavy, which doesn't work very well in Safari, and others (such as Germany) have subframes that display Verdana (which might be possible to fix).

Miguel, are you really seeing Arial? That's strange. I tested with Chrome Win and Mac and it shows Futura for me, except for some Verdana in Flash and inline frames. Do (referrer-controlled) webfonts generally work in your browser?

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