Gotham Light

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Does anyone know a free font that's very similar to Gotham Light?

Thanks in advance!

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Your best bet for free fonts is fontsquirrel.

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No, as long as Fontsquirrel does not get rid off the numerous rip-offs, your best bet for free fonts still is Typophile’s FAQ Free Fonts.

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Thx Florian, I had no idea there were rip-offs on there.

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The site used to be pretty useful, but since it started including dubious clones like Sapir*, to name but one example, I can’t buy the “hand-picked, high-quality, commercial-use” claim anymore.

*) The blurb states “Sapir was designed as a stop gap, while waiting for better, professionally designed fonts for linguiustics. But Sapir is different in that it combines the International Phonetic Alphabet with symbols for syntax and phonology.”

This is lame. No design involved. It’s just a bad clone of Stone Sans by Sumner Stone. And there is an IPA version of Stone Sans.

I hope Fontsquirrel gets rid off all the cheesy stuff.

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“hand-picked, high-quality

Did you have a closer look at Sapir? Here are the glyphs: (pdf 172K). The "phonetic" characters that were added don't match and the font is not unicode encoded. Look at the "cedilla" ! And that is "hand picked" and "high quality"...

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Thank you so much!

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