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I've been trying for over an hour to find a font that has phonetics, like the curve over the "a" to show a "short a", or a line over an "a" to show a "long a". I thought this would be so easy to find, but I'm now thinking I'm just not describing the right thing when looking in fonts.com for this.

Can someone recommend the name of a serif font with the glyphs that make the words look like they're showing pronunciation from a dictionary?


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If you have a recent dictionary, you could probably ID the type as one way of getting an answer. Just for a trial, I looked at Adobe's Arno, a recent font by Robert Slimbach that I believe was designed to support almost any publishing need. Looking at the glyph map, I see the upside-down 'e' that is the schwa (?), the most common sound in English. At least that gives me encouragement that with all the other accented glyphs that font could support dictionary work. I suspect that most of the newer OpenType families, including Typotheque's Fedra, which I know has been used for dictionaries, according to Typotheque's catalog, would probably support dictionary phonetics with their extended character sets.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks! I had no idea the answer was so involved. I thought there would just be a set of fonts out there specifically for this. My answer was very simple though, just go into MS Word, get symbol for the font, copy & paste into Photoshop. Who woulda thought it was that easy. Thanks for the tips on extended symbols for fonts! Jennifer

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There are at least these:
ITC Stone Sans Standard-Phonetic
ITC Stone Serif Standard-Phonetic
Times LT Standard-Phonetic
All OT-fonts from Adobe

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