How do I instally correctly the FontForge?

Hello everybody!

I need your help...

I've already downloaded the FontForge from Fontforge's site, but I sisn't understand how to install correct the Fontforge, I've already tried out, but it didn't twist in the Windows Seven or XP. It's veru difficult of being installed. Please help and train me how to install correctly it. Please put the numbers (enumeration). If you can put the images, if so, please...

Thank you!


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As a workaround, I suggest you to try the Mingw port out.

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ahyangyi, I don't speak Japanese, I can't understadn the article in Japanese. o.O

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I also don't speak Japanese. But all you need is download, unzip and use. The unofficial mingw-version is meant to be used easily.

Some notes:

1. When Windows Firewall reminds you that it blocks some functionality, you can choose not allow any network access. The problem is this port uses xming, but it doesn't really need any network access.
2. Perhaps you want to change some line in the bat to
start /B "" "%FF%\bin\Xming-\Xming.exe" :9 -xkbmodel pc101 -xkblayout us -multiwindow -clipboard -ac -silent-dup-error
but I didn't change anything and it works well for me.
3. It (well, I have only the 200909 version) crashes occasionally. Remember to make backups.

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1. go to , download (ca 13 MB)
2. unzip it somewere
3. double click fontforge.bat
Fontforge has access only to the disk where "somewere" is. It could be even on memory card, no install process is necessary!

It all took me 12 minutes :)
Enjoy :-)

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It works perfectly, thank you a lot, Ahya and Janek!!!

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BTW, if you want to access other drives, just type the drive letter in the text entry field in the file browser, i.e. "D:".

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