crititique to aesthetic errors in greek alphabe in typewrityer font

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Hi, people

I am developing a new revival from Bulletin typewriter font, called NeoBulletin. The font is ready, I think, but the greek alphabet is a mistery to me, yet. I appreciate suggestions to fix the errors in the greek set. Follow the sample.

antecipate thanks for the support of the greek designers comunity - this topic was moved to here from "General Critique" by Nick Shinn suggestion

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Check out the text type of Ethnos newspaper.
You can find a PDF of it at
The letter forms are not the calligraphically-flavoured "proper" ones favored by the Leonidas school, but I think they would be suitable for a classic typewriter face, i.e. one strongly informed by the Modern style used at the time of the typewriter's invention.

In general: try to keep an even weight of line throughout the face.
Try to figure out how to make the accents suitably "blobby", and still get them to fit, especially "dieresis-tonos".

For encoding reference, refer to WGL.

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Thanks, Nick. Yes, I will try make changes in the weight of lines. The accents I will be take a closer look, too. Many thanks until here.

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