34 Typographic Sins Poster

Typographic sins are those little things novice designers, students and Mr. and Mrs. Desktop Publisher always do with type. You know, putting 2 spaces between sentences, using dumb quotes instead of smart quotes, etc. Well, in an effort to educate the public (or at least entertain those of us who know better), I have designed a poster with 34 typographic sins that I hope people don't commit. Some, like those mentioned above are obvious, others are a little more obscure. I letterpressed my poster at Rowley Press and you can purchase them on my web site: jimgodfreydesign.com.

Save the typographic soul of a loved one, or your own.

sim's picture

Nice work. Also, your portfolio on your website show some pretty good idea. Congrats!

nora g's picture

Failing in justification ;-)

godfrey.jim's picture


You know how it is. As much as we would like the web to be print, it is not. The type is defined in ems, however, so if you want to set your default type to a smaller size, that eliminates most of the rivers. :)

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P.S. I know, I know, it should be touché (with an accent). I hit post too early.

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Thanks for the compliments. Glad you like the work.

Steven Acres's picture

It looks pretty good.

The one about "indenting bulleted lists" is more choice. Hanging punctuation can have its place.

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