Free/Cheap OpenType Aware Apps . . .

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So I'm well versed in the Adobe/Quark paid apps that can render OpenType features but I'm not 100% certain of the available ones either bundled as part of the OS or freely available under GNU licenses . . .

I believe TextEdit on the Mac 10.4 and higher will render liga among other OT versions . . .

Above all, I want some way for folks who don't own Adobe or Quark apps to be able to enjoy OT features or at least experience them without having to purchase the apps . . .

I'm happy if there are other posts that list these but I wasn't able to find 'em and I wanted a specific listing I could always point folks to . . .

Thanks in advance for your help gang!
Stuart :D

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On Mac, Mellel is an affordable word processor that has good OpenType support.

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A friend of mine told me about a word prosessing program that is native to Open Type. It's from India, and cost some 20€. At first I was not interested, but now I'm looking at Word World, with megatonnes of silly byproduct. I do not want this.

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If the users don't mind a mark-up approach to text processing, XeTeX is free and excellent.

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BTW, TextEdit's support of OpenType is frustratingly incomplete (at least my version's is).

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I guess I'm surprised there aren't more OT aware type apps in this market . . .


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