Finally, our new W E B S I T E is ready!!!

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Hi guys,

We've been working very hard the last months to get our website ready. I restyled our (almost) 10 year old logo, created a corporate font and designed most of the website (incl. the navigation). My collegue made the music and did the photography.
What do you think about it?

My typefaces have suffered under the website in the last months. I want to pick that up again and will be posting some new updates on my Nordic in the upcoming weeks.


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Sorry, here's the link:

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Natty use of Flash and good layout. One of few things that got my attention in a bad way were those dotted buttons between content and menu. Otherwise it's that good that found it's way to my bookmarks.

This framed content area with curved corners doesn't take much space and shadow gives just the attention it needs.

And when it comes to the content itself I like the possibility to click them quickly by and when something get's my attention there's a lot extra material. Must admit that much of the works got that attention.

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Hi Hendrik,

Your reaction is one we get more often. For most people the little dots are to tiny, or the text is to small. Other than that the reactions are very positive.

We wanted to make a portfolio website where it's about seeing and not about reading. Therefor the text is kinda in the background and we put a lot of work in the photography.
We realised that visitors don't really make the connection between a client-type and the work we made for that particular client. Meaning, that if we would make a technodesign for a backery, they would still like it because they might like the work. They (mostly) don't say; "hmm, that's very strange for a backery". But they say; "Wauw, very trendy for a backery".
Therefor we put the connection between the clientname and the photo's a little more in the background. Just click on the dots and see the photo's is what people want.
If they than want a little more information, they'll find it under the 'I' (Info).

We used the philosophy 'If you don't like our website, you're not the kind of client we want'. That sounds hard, but actually it's not.
Until now we worked for almost all the clients that contacted us. Now we would like to actively scout for clients that fit our expectations too. Therefor we set boundries with our website and make a natural selection, without the client realising it and feeling rejected.
Until now it works. We have already one potential client, a big supermarket concern called 'Albert Heijn'. A local outlet asked us to design some posters for them. And a museum asked us to design an exibition for them.
This kind of clients we never reached with our old website.


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