Hello Typo - Serif in progress

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Hey everyone,

I recently started to create a serif with the "e" as the very first letter
and fell in love with the break in the upper bow.
This became the main idea of the type.

Starting up with the lower cases (still not all finished) it's all a big
building site but I think it's worth it.

I would really appreciate critics on my first steps on copy types
and with a little help from you, I would like to push it further!

Can't wait for your input,


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I really enjoy the texture of the body and the idea is unique. I may play with the /a/ and the /o/ as they take on an akward texture at some sizes. There's a font I'm working on that has similar serifs that I've been trying to work the kinks out of. I can post some images of those when I'm back on my desktop.

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thanks for your reply inkxel! I'm also a bit unhappy with the lower kurve of the /a/,
think that it gets a bit too dark there. Do you think the /o/ is too big?
I'm also unhappy with the slanted bowl of the /d/. Somehow it works for /b/ and
/p/, but /d/ looks strange in that case?!
Oh, please post your font, I'd like to have a look on it!

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I noticed the ascender of f has 'kinks'. I would like to recommend using the RMX tools harmonizer.
Also to my eye, k is to wide.

The inner and outer contours of 'h' have different behaviors(curvature) in the shoulder.

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