10 Fonts!

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What are your ten favorite or mostly used fonts?

I'm a third year design student & don't have that many fonts.

This are my favorite/most used fonts.

1) Scala (Own some of the wights)
2) Myriard (Comes with Adobe Software)
3) Helvetica (Own some of the wights)
4) Futura (Own some of the wights)
5) Mrs Eaves (Own the full family)
6) Didot (Planning to buy)
7) Scala Sans (Planning to buy)
8) Lubalin Graph (Planning to buy)
9) Dax (Planning to buy)
10) Caecilia (Planning to buy)

I know for a student it's hard when it comes to buying font's, but what are your favorites or if you own which ones? Just curious:-)

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I'd get FF Daxline (new and improved) instead of FF Dax.

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OMG I didn't know bout daxline, thanx so much for info!

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I am partial to Sentinel and Knockout by H&FJ and Neutraface (and its derivatives) by House Industries. Also, the famous and revered Akzidenz Grotesk.

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I don't use other people's fonts these days.
I don't like lists.

Recent fonts I've liked,off the top of my head:
Memoriam, Narziss, and piqued by the upcoming Dala Flodo.
I think these interest me because I have occasionally thought of making types along these lines, and because their drawing is so virtuoso -- that's one of things I respect most in other type designers' work.
The line of beauty, to use Hogarth's term, is infinitely subtle, which is why I reject the idea that "it's all been done before".

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Ah Nick, just stumbled across this post but the Hogarth sentiment has backed up a day of drawing that I was starting to doubt.

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Hopefully this one gets some good replies. I was going to post this same thing because I recently caught the typography bug and am interested in learning more. I've been heavily involved in art and design my entire life, grad, etc. but this is fairly new. With that being said I will just give a few that I am into as of late....btw, these are fonts that I want...those are much more interesting than the ones I already have!

Interstate Bold


Priori Serif (Virus)

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blkkkkk: Interstate Bold

Huh? Looks like Helvetica Bold to me.

Burgundica is lovely. Nice to see the so-called ‘broken r’ variant available.

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Hah, it's definitely Helvetica.

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Guess i'm not the only one learning about fonts as this actually is interstate bold!
There are many alternatives to Helvetica -

read this article -

can easily be spotted with the lowercase l and k, etc.

having trouble inserting pics so here's a link to the full character set -



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Freight Text (if you can overcome the screwed-up naming conventions)

Parisine Plus


And, although not popular here, I still like Clearview Text Condensed.

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blkkkkk: Guess i'm not the only one learning about fonts as this actually is interstate bold!

The Saint Cyr image is not Interstate Bold. It is Helvetica Bold. Compare the shapes of the uppercase R in the two types, and the terminals of the C and S.

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Jared, can't you tell that the type on the SAINT CYR is definitely NOT Interstate Bold? It's Helvetica.

For someone who's supposedly been heavily involved in art and design your entire life you seem remarkably ignorant.

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Who cares, it's all letters, letters are all the same, am I right?! =D

We should point blkkkkk to some noticeably different glyphs between Helvetica (which is used in the sample) and Interstate: notice S, C and R. See how Helvetica is closed with horizontal terminals and Interstate is not? See how the leg on the R waves?
Coming to Typophile trying to willingly teach someone something is a faux-pas. :P We all learn with one another, but we usually don't intend to actually teach. :P

That being said, today I'd probably say my favourites are:
- Freight (the whole family, Sans and Micro included)
- Columbus (I've liked it for ages, there's something about it…)
- Mommie
- Auto (let's be honest, it's actually “anything from Underware”)
- Fedra (the whole family)
- Taz III (doesn't really work for me when on a screen, but printed I find it just wonderful)
- Lexicon? (“anything from TEFF” applies, I just picked one; the new Geronimo is beautiful, and designed by a fellow portuguese to boot!)
- Parisine (loving it)
- Stern (also loving it)
- Quadraat (the whole family), Fairfield, Californian, Electra, Mr. K, Requiem, Brioso, Rialto, Caecilia, Seria, Poetica, Brokenscript, Vista, Malaga, strong calligraphic cursive scripts like Polenta or Marigold…

Ok, I give up, I can't possibly pick just ten.

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Duh. Meant to post this pic, I didn't even pay attention, just grabbed it from my desktop.


which shouldn't be hard to understand, Helvetica is the single most recognized font, just a mistake on my end.

Got that Nick, you J.O., if you read my post I said I am new to type. I'm here to learn not teach. Get it?
Since you seem to know so much please teach this remarkably ignorant bloke a little something and tell me what this is-


ya J.O.

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Top 10 conservative fonts

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Jared, I think you ought to cut back on pappy's moonshine.

You're right the 2nd image you posted is Interstate. Well done for recognizing that.

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My faves in no particular order:

1) Sabon
2) Univers Condensed
3) Clarendon
4) Stag
5) DIN
6) Caslon
7) Helvetica
8) Gotham
9) Avant Garde
10) Rockwell

Now I do not advocate the overuse of Helvetica, or more recently, Gotham, but they are both extremely beautiful typefaces when used appropriately. I added Univers Condensed specifically because I think it has a better balance than Helvetica's condensed set, but I like the Helvetica regular lowercase much better than Univers'

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Jared, I think you ought to cut back on pappy's moonshine.

You're right the 2nd image you posted is Interstate. Well done for recognizing that.

-------- Actually I haven't had anything to drink in a couple weeks...I think that's the problem. I need a beer.

bonus beer points for font recognition.

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Trajan and something similar to Cooper Black but less round. Too bad I only drink water and milk. :P

Anyway, I was hoping some more people would answer; while there may be fundamental and philosophical issues with lists, as some – like Nick Shinn – would/could point out, they do serve some purposes. Here, I'd find new typefaces to lush over, like Memoriam, which was mentioned precisely by Nick.

So, any more takers?

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La Police - B&P Type Foundry

I really want this font....
Tiempos - Klim Type Foundry

Hoboken High SlabSerif - Nico Schweizer

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My 10:
01. Guardian
02. Utopia
03. Myriad
04. Minion
05. Novel
06. Apex
07. Iowan
08. Collis
09. Stuart
10. my own

Honor mention to Expo Serif, Greta, Cartier, Brioni, Arno, Charter, Lyon Text, Karmina, Chronicle, Profile, Ronnia, Gotham, Unit, Kinescope, Tiempos, Ingeborg, Vesper, Berthold Garamond, Ex Ponto and Proxima Nova.

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