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Classic Typo Assignment (Typography) : You are required to design a typeface based on three classical typefaces, one sans serif, one serif and one script.

I have chosen : Sans serif = Gill Sans ITC Bold Serif = Garamond ITC Bold | Script = Snell ITC

Using Gill as my base font, and inverting the serif to incorporate Garamond (see attachment).
I have yet to use Snell (or any other script face to enhance or ad to my developments).

As research and development I would be grateful for users advice and guidance on this.

I look forward to your comments.My Classic Typo Development

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Are you supposed to design a whole typeface, i.e., a design for a font? This looks more like a collection of three graphic forms, or icons of some sort

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"Unpopular" implies some level of injustice. There is none. ITC Garamond is sick on a number of levels. Choosing it as an archetype of serif fonts is not good.


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I am studying a a degree in Contemporary Graphic Design, the brief also stipulates that although the use of classic typefaces will be the foundation of the font and must include elements used from each font, the fonts must not be initially indentifiable. We are only created 26 Uppercase characters. I chose Garamond ITC as I was after a rounded serif rather than a slab or calligraphic serif. (any other suggestions would be grateful).

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Well, any other Garamond would be better (Adobe Garamond, Stempel Garamond, Sabon, Sabon NEXT, etc.) Adobe's Minion might be another good choice, as would any Bembo, Caslon, or Baskerville

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cheers dan, i have started to use the inverted serifs using Baskerville...... it's looking good, i will post the 26 character sheet when i'm done, thanks for the advice.

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