My new blog: Hot Lead

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I just put up the first post of my new blog: Hot Lead. The first one is a little light and breezy, but I plan to get into a lot more detail about what we're doing with the Google Font API, open source fonts, performance, rendering, font technology, and more. Please subscribe and wait for updates.

We had a great launch, and I'm still recovering a bit from all the excitement - and definitely looking forward to relaxing a bit this holiday wekeend. Again, thanks to everyone here at Typophile for supporting the effort in many different ways.

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Raph, best of luck with the blog, but what's with the revisionist history, or perhaps a bit too much champagne during the post launch research?

>The first web fonts actually shipped in December 1994 (Netscape 4.0 shipped with support for the proprietary PFR format).

>Internet Explorer has had support for its own flavor of web fonts since IE6,

IE 4 first supported EOT (not IE6), and Netscape wasn't even called Netscape until late 1994, Netscape 4 shipped a few years later than that (June 97 according to Wikipedia). There was no FONT tag until 1995 and IE.

"light and breezy" indeed :-)

Cheers, Si

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@si Oof, sorry about that, it's fixed now. I indeed wasn't as careful with the research as I should have been.

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Raph, Congrats on the new blog!

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Good luck with the blog and the project, Raph.

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