(x) Looking for a classic Chevalier / Banknote font Alternative.

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Hi -

Just wondering if anyone could suggest a nice alternative to Chevalier LP?

It would be great to find something more condensed, whilst keeping the horizontal line fill and sans-serif.
Ideally i love the type on the David Hart & Co logo but am at a loss trying to figure out what it is. All suggestions are welcomed.

Thank you!

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Thanks Riccardo ~ It's an option and could be my only solution. Ideally i still prefer the 'C' on the 'David Hart & Co' logo.. but gawd damn, what is THAT font! (Thanks again).

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Basically it’s Bodoni.

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Yes it looks like a Bodoni variant but maybe it doesn't exist as a font?

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You might be able to recreate it with an outlined (open) Bodoni mapped over a lined background, but if you are willing to look for similar, then Eingraviert might be close enough.

- Mike Yanega

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Thank you Mike. Much appreciated -- i'm in the midst of giving the open bodoni a try right now.

Thanks you again.

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