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Hey folks,

I’m working on a logo for an organisation called Food & Fitness that teach children aged 7-11 about healthy eating and exercise. The organisation is part of a company which promotes dairy products - this is why they have tried to replicate a milk bottle to be part of the scales in their current logo (if you can call it that).

The client would like a 'modernised' version of their logo - but I haven't quite nailed this as yet - Fitness is a longer word than Food so the words naturally look unbalanced and the scales have to be 'balanced' so that each word is of equal merit. So still pondering this one...

The client is also interested to see totally new designs and possibly a new strapline - so I have attached my thoughts so far... Design 3 could be an 'encased' logo instead of a drop shadow i.e. so the dark blue follows the shape of the letters but forms one solid backdrop - if anyone can advise how I would do this that would be cool as I've never tried that type of logo form before. I would really like to create a 3D, stamp-like option that was appealing to kids.

Any feedback you can give is gratefully received, thanks in advance :-)

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This is what I've created since my last post and is the logo I have chosen to work up. I'm currently working on simplifying the character and will be adding another kid on the other side of the words. The strapline will also be changing to something different - any opinions on the typefaces chosen here?

I have chosen colours that compliment each other and imply 'healthy' while also considering that the overall company to which Food & Fitness belong, promotes dairy products - hence the use of blue tones.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give :-)

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I like your new concept better than your previous ones, and I like the font and use of lowercase letters.

I don't like having the tag line ("for happy, healthy kids") inside the logo, It's way too small and it clutters up the logo. I'd suggest making it larger (perhaps the same width as "fitness") and putting it below the logo. Then tighten up the leading slightly where it used to be. When the logo is reproduced small (on a business card, for example), you may need to eliminate the tag line completely.

Regarding colors, I can see the connection of green to food, but I don't see the connection of blue to either food, dairy or fitness. And blue and green are both cool, passive colors. Have you considered using a warmer 2nd color, like maybe something in the orange-red range, to reflect the active element of fitness? The light blue/dark blue combination looks rather sleepy.

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