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I have been wanting to make myself a porfolio for sometime. I have gone thourgh many many many designs for myself. And after looking at louie mantia's work and site I decided to go for simple.

So here is the second gen of my personal portfolio, so far I just have the general design done for the home page, with my newly pixeled logo. So, I am look for critique to make it the best I can.

So here it is, My Site, ZNET

Please do comment.

Oh, small thing about the Works page. Basically the idea is that it is a gallery of projects/art I have done. Now when you click the Works tab I wrote a small algorithm that will randomly generate a space invader styled pixel art. Each grey box will be filled with a work in due time, and when a work is clicked a lightbox like effect will happen to bring up a large version of the image along with a project description, title, date, and maybe some other info. Ideas/thoughts on this will be appreciated, hopefully I will have a working demo in a day or two.

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There isn't really enough content to give a critique. There seems to be an error that happens on my Mac running Safari where I get leftover menu choices. Uhh, not certain how to say that really, here's a screen grab to illustrate the issue.

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I'm on a Macbook Pro using Firefox, and all I can see is your big ZNET background logo. The links on top click, but they only refresh the page. Nothing else. Sorry.

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Same as Alaskan (OS X 10.5, Safari 4)

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Vista+Firefox is just giving me Javascript False screens everywhere.

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Weird, im on OSX 10.6.3 with safari 4.0.5, and I have tested on Firefox and have had many friends look at in Firefox on Windows and none of them have had a problem. Weird. Ok well thanks for the feedback, this is really baffling I have no strange code going on, its all rather simple.

@Corey, that is really odd since I have display:inline, so they shouldn't be stacking at all.


I fixed the Firefox false page.
I have yet to replicate the menu problem.

Also, please do read the top post again its updated.

@ Alaskan, that is all the homepage is, if you stay there for 10seconds, you should notice that the logo fades into another one. As stated before this is a WIP (Work In Progress)

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Without seeing more of your work it's hard to critique. Is your logotype indicative of your work or an anomaly you created to look cool? And it is very cool, if it was for the Hayden Planetarium I say it's terrific. The space invaders pixels also sounds fun, but again I don't know if it's an appropriate vehicle for your work. Right now it seems to be all about style over substance. Very interested in seeing work samples plugged in.

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Ok, but....when I click the "works" link on top, all it does is refresh the logo. Same goes for the other three links. Nothing else loaded...even after several minutes.

Oh, and when you ask people to look at your portfolio, they expect to see actual artwork, not just an empty template of a portfolio website. That's why everyone is telling you it's broken. Repeatedly editing the top comment in this thread only adds to the confusion.

As far as your znet logo? I find it odd, for several reasons. Why the stars? Are you a designer for NASA? Why is your logo "znet" but your website zachnet? Aren't you concerned that "Znet" is already a well-established brand, and using it for yourself is ill advised and lacks creativity?

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Heh, well you could have been constructive, and I said it was a WIP and the my logo serves as a mask and the stars happen to be some space scenes I have done. But, you seem to have just been completely negative, and I do not see why, I am a new designer, I have not researched the name. And I do not actually see any major competitors with that name. I think you have mistaken a Z for a C which happens to be nearly a whole alphabet away. I did not repeatedly edit the top I did it 1 time. So that new readers to the thread can get info I meant to be there in the first place that skipped my mind. If you feel I am a bad artist/designer, go ahead and say so, or say nothing at all, no need to try to dismantle my entire being.

Now I came here for advice, and so far I have only been ridiculed, so I don't know if this place is worth the effort.

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When you introduce your submission as the second generation of your personal portfolio we are expecting to see a "portfolio". No one has said you are a bad designer. We have questions based on what your wrote and then showed us. If you put something up for a critique you are bound to read questions or statements you don't like or agree with. But they are meant to help and guide you. This site is a tremendous resource, with wonderful, insightful people. Read other posts you'll see that at times the feedback can be confusing, different people may make suggestions that conflict with each other. That's what's great about art, there are so many different approaches. However if most everyone is asking (to borrow from an old ad campaign) Where's the beef? That's your constructive comment. Want feedback on your portfolio? post an actual portfolio! Or did you want criticism on your logo? Then post just that. And if you're only looking for someone to say "that's fantastic, you're amazing" only show your work to your mother.

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Kris10: Ditto!

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I understand how criticism works. But Alaskan offered no help. Not to mention my first post said "so far I just have the general design done for the home page, with my newly pixeled logo. So, I am look for critique to make it the best I can." Which clearly states that I only have the front page done. So if you where expecting a full portfolio, then you missed that statement completely.

@Alaskan, I am sure you are better than me at design and all, but I fail to see any of your statements as criticism, they are all bashing. If you would care to explain how they are even close to helpful, then I would like to hear. Sarcasm does not go well with criticism, it creates a rude snarky stuck up attitude, and yes I do realize conveying tone is difficult via via text, which means we do need to explain ourselves better.

@Kirs10, I don't want someone to just tell me it is good. And I don't want someone to say that all of it makes no sense and is horrible. I want people who can help guide me to improve it. The reason I didn't post my logo is because it needs to be seen on the page where it transitions between fills. Otherwise it is just a solid shape, since I am using it as a mask. And that is not how it will be presented.

Alaskan's picture added that last paragraph to your top post AFTER my comment saying your site is broken, not before.

And, since you have obviously not absorbed any of my comments thus far, I'll repeat: NOTHING works on your website. NOTHING. Would you like our opinion of a black background with four broken links on top? Seriously?

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Are you kidding me? The site works in Safari 3+, FF2+, and in IE7+, minus a small bug in the lightbox.

And the background isn't black, its actually a gradient, very low contrast, maybe your monitor settings are off.
As for your viewing problems, I do no know what settings or plugins you have in FF, but they could be the problem.

And no, I added the paragraph way before you said that the site is broken, go ahead and check the times.

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Five people have posted comments telling you your site is not working. If it's working on your computer, it's probably because it's cached a local .swf (or code snippets) that the rest of us can't get to. Try it on a completely new computer and/or test it on and you'll see what we all (don't) see.

As far as my settings/plugins? Those issues are the responsibility of the web developer to work around, not every web surfer on earth. My computer is less than six months old and my FF browser is updated automatically. If you send this link to a potential client, your site must work irregardless of their system. You can't/shouldn't argue with a potential employer that it's their browser's fault and expect to get a job as a web designer or developer.

But please, ignore this comment and tell me I'm not being constructive. That'll really help your career.

PS; FWIW....We can't see the "edited" timestamps on your top comment. Only you can see that.

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The gradient works fine on my laptop mac screen. On the other hand it doesn't work that good on my pc screen.
On the logo, I like the transitions of different space images within the logo itself. However the "Z" needs some tweaks. I can read net very good, but I find the "z" kinda ambiguous.

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@Alaskan, I am just telling you my experience. I have used over 5 computers to test it. And have not encountered any of these problems. Which is why I am led to believe it is something on your end. There is no swf in anything I do, it is a horrible format, in my opinion. Also, I did not know you couldn't see the timestamps, but Also 2 messages above I stated I edited the top post, and that was my last edit to it, so if that ordering is not proof enough, then sorry. I am not trying to fight you, I just do not see why you are being so harsh. Also I just checked it on browsershots and it looked fine on 47/68 of the screenshots. A few of the ones that didnt display included ancient browsers, and Firefox that was complaining for a update. Still leading me to believe it has something to do with your end.

@DavM, thanks I will see what I can do to pronounce the 'Z' better.

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@ Nub

Your site doesn’t work. I wonder, what it shall be. I almost see no content, but mainly childish effects. Except from the logo (which seems to change on mouseover), I can see exactly one image on the works-page. Blog and profile are totally empty.

The site works in Safari 3+, FF2+, and in IE7+

The site does not work in IE7. It is discentered there. But I even don’t know, what is intended because of all the crudeness. You request critique, but there is almost nothing, that can be criticized. And the rest does not work. I don’t want to call that design. Naturally this is harsh, but it is the truth.

If you mean, you would be a designer, only because you are able to play a bit with images downloaded from the NASA or ESA, you are wrong.

By the way, I expect, that a website works in IE 6 – not necessarily in the same way as in later versions, but it should work! I even check webpages in IE 5, Firefox 1 and old Opera versions, just because I want to see, what happens there.

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Regarding the grid. I'd rather go with a 5 or 6 square column width and easily add more when you have more works. That'd look more professional than a variable layout as you have now.

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@Arno Enslin, Did you not read, It is still a WIP, and I did not download any pictures from anywhere. I made those space scenes. I have the psd's if you do not believe me, no need to be a dick about it. In the top post I am very sure I said that I only had the home page and the works page partially working, so I don't see why you expect the other pages to be done. Also, just because there is little content DOES not mean a site isn't working. I do not know why everyone thinks that. The site is extremely minimalistic.

@DavM, Well I come from a programming background and not a artistic one, so I coded the backend to be completely dynamic, so no matter how the grid is made or looks it is just as easy to fill. All I do is add new images to my database through my backend, so that is not really a problem. The main reason I didn't just do a grid is 1) I have done it before 2) It is such a standard shape 3) A lot of people do it. So I thought I would try to be original.

Ok, so people are no longer confused.

The home page is 1 image the "ZNET" logo that fades every 10seconds to have a new FILL

The Works page is a 5x5 grid that is mirrored across the X axis from a randomly generate 3x5 strip, at the time of writing it only has 1 image in it because I am debugging.

All other pages just have 1 line of text as a place holder, and have yet to be implemented.

If this is confusing and comes across as broken, then I can not tell you what to think, as that is how the site is at the time of this post.

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"as that is how the site is at the time of this post"

I'm thinking it's just a bit premature to be asking for critiques. You're spending more time explaining the intent and if that's the case, then maybe spend a bit more time flushing things out. You'll likely get better feedback at that point.

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@Darrel: {flushing things out} => {fleshing things out}

; )

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You might want to consider the styling and the position of the menu. It's too close to the top margin and too dark, so it's hardly visible. I like the grid idea.

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@Cristian Loghin, yeah that menu was actually from a old design, and I didn't recode it. I have been brainstorming different navigation ideas, but I have yet to fully decide on one, so this is just temporary, but yes I do agree it needs to be changed/fixed. Man I wish HTML5 would be a standard already so that I could do some canvas/webGL and get some really fancy things going, haha. Most my ideas are too complicated for it to work right in the current javascript/dom manipulation structure, I would need more direct control over rendering. Anyways, thanks for the tips, also im a little confused on what the second screen is.

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Jquery have some bugs in the calculating of browser size, which might be why you have problems.

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Thanks, noted.

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1. You need a headline that spells out what it is you do "hi, name is Nub and I specialize in creating space scenes."
2. You need more than just one example of work
3. You need a site that works across multiple browsers

If five people have reported issues, there's a good chance that you need to change your code. If you're using CSS correctly, we shouldn't have any problems.

BTW...if space scenes is ALL that you do, you are not going to find much work. I'd think about expanding your portfolio and work on broadening your design skills.

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yeah dude, you did say you only had the first page or whatever but you also said that it's second gen personal portfolio....
whatever....i'm with others on here, you need way more content before asking for critique. there is less stuff on here than a basic iweb template. seriously, are you serious?
where is your blog? don't have a bio yet? you need to get to crackin on work before throwing together a portfolio. you need work for a portfolio.
if you want honest advice - get some work to put in your portfolio - once you have that - hire someone to do your website for you.

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no content = no portfolio...

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People people, you just don't understand.
He isn't asking critique on the work in the portfolio.
He is asking critique on the main idea of the site itself.
Why the hell is that so hard to understand.
Freaking arrogant comments imo.

Site works fine, like the space invaders idea.
I should give more contrast to the gradient, change the header
and maybe you can downsize the "space-invader" page that it fits in
the screen, the effect is lost due to scrolling.

Hope it helps.

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No, the site is non-existent. Come back when you have something.

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I'm not saying it's full of creativity.
The site is existent. There are enough "less is more" sites around.
Just a comment on the global design, that's what he is asking.
Because the site doesnt't have any work on it, doens't mean you cannot give any
comments on the site.. atleast there are some people who can give an idea, instead
of giving stupid critique..

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Eos, I believe most of the comments wanting to see more of Nub's work is so we can see if the design makes sense with his overall style of art. Is his portfolio entirely comprised of space theme images? Is he marketing himself to do strictly that kind of work? Is he focusing on a small sample that could cause others to view him as a one-trick pony? Is the space theme appropriate for the work he'd like to be doing? Why the space theme? Was it just a neat idea he had and wanted to see if it worked? These are all legitimate questions that would be asked regarding any project. It's like asking for feedback on a dinner menu after telling us mustard that will be on the table. What else is being served? Mustard could be fine, or it could be awful. Asking for more information is not an attack. Especially since it was billed as a "second gen of my personal portfolio".

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Kirs, those questions are good. Those questions are constructive.
And i see your point, i haven't said i liked the site. But comments
should be constructive, not giving snuck-up attitude chitchat.

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Whatever. It seems that a sort of portfolio is finally online at

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