Stag with Guardian Text: yes or no?

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Hi guys,

I'm putting together a newsletter and wondered what you thought of this combination. We have licences for Guardian Egyptian text and Stag. Although I wouldn't normally pair two similar fonts, the proportions are quite different. Stag seems to convey a more friendly attitude suitable for the headlines and Guardian of course packs in a lot more letters per column.

Here's a quick grab:

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Yes. The size difference keeps their similarities from rubbing against each other and their shared design traits and origin (Christian Schwartz) make for a harmonious whole.

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The x-height difference on the inline switch ("back page") looks awkward to my eye.

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Yes, that looked odd to me too. I'll fiddle the point size I think. It looks a bit like it's floating above the baseline too. Maybe I should just license Guardian bold!

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Might as well grab Guardian bold, it's always useful to have bold/italic versions.

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