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Hi, i was wondering if i could get some feedback on a piece of work i've been struggling with. I have a project on the theme of typographic habits and the end result is to create a piece of design that communicates this to others.

The habit i was looking at was folding book edges and ruining them. Its something that annoys me when I lend friends books and so i thought to create a typeface based on the corner of a page fold and use this typeface to display famous quotes or maybe pivotal parts of a story. The letters themselves would have to be folded out letter by letter so that the action of folding rather than ruining the book would become vital to actually reading the story.

So yeah ! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, im not having much help from my tutors at the mo' so any feedback would be welcomed, thanks

Mena x

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The S isn't working for me; something like a flopped Z would probably read better...

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The font is interesting, but unless you'd explained the entire back-story I wouldn't have associated the design with the corner folding. Unlike say this...


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