HST Tax in Canada

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Hey Canadians,

I'm quite new at the freelance game and I'm at the beginning of the process to obtain my GST number. Or at least I thought I was until the new HST made me question what to do.

With the new HST set to begin in Ontario is this going to change what I need as a freelancer? Do I still need to get a federal GST number?

I'm assuming design services are now taxable for the full HST amount falling under professional services? If I'm charging a client in another province that also has HST, do I charge them my provincial HST tax rate (Ontario) or the client's provincial HST tax rate?

I'll go searching for these answers but just thought that maybe some of you veterans would have an idea what I need to do.


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Get an accountant!

I'm in Quebec, sans HST but our 'unique' government manages the GST along with the provincial tax. The Federal site has a very good introduction to how it all works, and when I had to get clarification, the tax agent helped me greatly. It would probably be a bad idea for me to pass on any info I got, since Quebec laws may not apply to your case. Even if you don't get an accountant, get some professional advice.

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Ask a bank.

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yes to an accountant for HST.

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