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The other day, I saw what appeared to be (from a distance) an attractively-designed brochure for Ace Hardware paint. Upon closer inspection, however, I was aghast. It appears the designer created their own script font that looks OK except that the 't' and 'i' in the word "generations" do not correctly connect. There was a similar problem with their other brochure. Why couldn't they have just used something like Edwardian Script and be done with it?


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Doesn't look quite like Carpenter, Stephen. Look closely at the 'n' and the 'i'. Very different entry strokes. I doubt the designer changed them -- why bother? But aren't there a couple fonts out there similar to Carpenter? I seem to remember Letraset had one. Anyway, if this is a cheap knock-off, then the fitting is probably in the font, rather than a misfired kern on the designer's part.

-- K.

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He probably didn't deselect "auto-kern" in Photoshop.


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Definitely not Carpenter.

Still, how hard would it have been to bring it into Illustrator and tweak it until it fit, even if the font itself was hosed?

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Someone got a hold of Carpenter and
misfired with the negative kern button.

Not sure where the 'G' is from, though.


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