Question about the height of letters that have equal horizontal and vertical spacing.

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I have designed a novelty font with only square letters that all flow into each other with horizontally and vertically with consistent spacing in either direction. There are no accents. Now I am trying to decide how to make the vertical metrics work across most software without too much trouble. Do I:
A • Design the glyphs at 700 ems high so that they are easier for designers used to standard type heights and set very narrow vertical metrics that allow the type to just work when set solid. I am using this method with the UPM at 100 and a WinAscent of 718, WinDescent of -7, and TypeLineGap of 35).
B • Jump up to 1000 unit high glyphs with appropriate vertical metrics so the design is more in line with the real height of most fonts.

Does it even matter, or am I just paranoid?

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