Need reviews from you: Wastra Typeface

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Hi everybody, this is my first thread here in Typophile forum, and Sorry if my English is not good... ;)

So here's the story: Maybe about last year, I've done a type design for my senior project. Actually it is not a type-designing but maybe it's more like a modification. I modified Myriad into a display font named Wastra. Personally, I like what I've done so far. But when I did a presentation to the lecturers, their reaction was unexpected_they were kind of humiliate my work. Well, since that time I become not so confident anymore in designing a typeface. But year passed, now I encourage myself to share my work widely, so I could hear more comments on the work.

Here are the details about my work:

Wastra, is actually a loan word from Sanskrit which means a piece of cloth that is made traditionally. Batik, is also considered as wastra. In Indonesia, especially Java, you would find thousands of batik patterns. But among the thousands of such patterns, there is one pattern that is quite famous, Parang Curiga. So, I deconstruct the elements of Parang Curiga and then applied it into Myriad to make a new designed typeface.

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It looks interesting.
But you really should have started from scratch or from an open source font, instead of modifying a commercial one like Myriad.

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Wow, I love it.

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Hello Novandito,

I second riccard0. When making a derivative work, make sure you're starting from an open source or Creative Commons licensed typeface. You're lucky Adobe didn't sue you. :-)

When diving into type design, try to come up with your own, even when it's not so sophisticated. Just do it for fun! You'll get improved sooner or later that way. I'm really sure you can do another type design from scratch based on Batik.

Greetings from Surabaya, Indonesia.

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Hi All.. sorry for the very late reply ;( Hahaha... Almost forget that I have an account here!

Wow, I never thought that I can be sued because I'm building on another existing font... Well, lucky It's only a senior project when I was in college (not for a commercial use).


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Looks nice. Has some of the qualities of this. Love those polystyrene letters by the way!

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