Littera moderna and Littera antiqua

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I don't know if this forum is the correct place for post this question...
Anyone can tell me what's style differences between littera antiqua and littera moderna? Why and who used them in 1400? For what were used littera antiqua and littera moderna?
Thanks for the answers!

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Are you and M Evangelisti students together, and is this for a school assignment?

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It seems that the students from Urbino have discovered Typophile…
There's hoping for a better Titillium! ;-)

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If so, that's just lazy. Hm, how to figure out these questions?! Post it on Typophile and let them do our work!

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We do our work for a common target, however i think that forum is born to give an answer to those questions whic you can't find an answer.
We aren't lazy, but we only want another point of view, to professionist of typography.
So we do our job, and if you want to give an hand,we are grateful, that's all.

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