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For a branding project, I'm designing the corporate presentation template.
I want to know which format is better for online distribution > PDF or PPT?
points to be considered :
1. The type rendering methods of microsoft PPT & Adobe PDF. I found that in PPT especially at smaller sizes the typefacec is not rendered correctly. ( i'm using FF DIN / sapient & Amplitude)
2. The document creator ( from my clients marketing dept -a non designer) has to use powerpoint to create the presentation & then has to convert it into PDF ( since PPT dosen't embedd fonts)

Pls help


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Consider the EULA’s:

Amplitude (Font Bureau)
Embedding of the Font Software is expressly prohibited. For the purposes of this agreement "embedding" shall be defined as the temporary duplication of the Font Software in formats that include, but not limited to the PDF, Flash, TrueDoc and/or other Web Embedding Font Technology ("WEFT") formats now in existence as well as any other format that may be created in the future.

FF Din (Fontfont)
You may embed the Font Software in documents, applications or devices either as a rasterized representation of the Font Software (e. g., a GIF or JPEG) or as a subset of the Font Software as long as the document, application or device is distributed in a secure format that permits only the viewing and printing but not the editing of the text.

I couldn’t find any typeface named Sapient, so I’m not sure about that.

Essentially, FF Din allows embedding in a PDF document if it’s secured and Amplitude doesn’t. Power Point (in Windows) does not render your fonts incorrectly per se, just differently. If the fonts were hinted for screen, they wouldn’t look “wrong”.

I think your best option is to stick with FF Din and export the presentation as a PDF, since embedding the fonts in a PPT would be a EULA violation (because you can edit the text). Viewing the presentation as a PDF would also rid you of the rendering problem.

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Thanx Frode,
that wass very quick and indeed very educating!
thanx again!

i've another question now,
I've seen Amplitude used in some PDFs for some corporates. Can we buy Amplitude for this purpose as well?

btw, sapient is FFDin released for Sapient corp. ( as far as i could gather)

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Hey Frode,
I was searching for some resource on the difference in the way Microsoft PPT & Adobe PDF renders the fonts on screen. I've known the idea of Hinted fonts. but then anything specific to Powerpoint?

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Are you designing for Sapient Corp. or someone else?

MS Office uses the OS’s rendering, which on newer versions of Windows is Cleartype. Adobe has it’s own rendering engine.

You’ll have to contact Font Bureau with your request regarding Amplitude, but I’m sure they’ll be helpful.

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Further down in the Font Bureau EULA

[. . . ] If you wish to publish documents created by the embedding of the Font Software on the Internet or wish to otherwise distribute or make such documents available for downloading to parties not licensed under this Agreement you must contact the Font Bureau to purchase the appropriate license upgrade.

You can contact FB at with your request.

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Thanks, Kent. I didn’t spot that.

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If your goal to simply show & explain the template, a PDF is probably the best solution. But an actual PowerPoint file template would certainly be a timesaver for the end users and would help compliance in that you could set it up with the logo (and any other mandatory elements) already sized and correctly placed, corporate colors, etc. Just don't embed the fonts unless the license agreement permits it (and you can't embed fonts in the Mac version of PowerPoint anyway).

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thank Kent,James!

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one tip I learned from my old boss if you are showing to a live group: he saved the PDF as a giant one-page jpg, and then opened it in Photoshop, which has smooth scrolling and zoom with the navigator tool. It worked well for the project we were doing, and the stage we were at (first pitch) because we were showing a large scale look and feel as well as the smaller graphic components.

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