What's the main features about this typeface?

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Hi, i'm a new user of this magnificent site, and i want to ask one question for first.
Somebody can help me, to recognize the main features about this typeface?
Thank you very much.

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While they're not the most clear example of classic proportions, the Caps are clearly referencing the Ancient Roman lettering. The midpoint used in SPD is straight out of the chiseling tradition. The lowercase is a cursive that I think was famous in the Renaissance calligraphic circles. The ascender is higher than the Cap Height (l vs. G) but the f and the archaic s are lined up with the Cap height and not the ascender line.
What do You think some of the features are?
Do you think or do you know if this a job of calligraphy? Maybe it's lettered and that would explain the inconsistency in the rendering of the same letter?

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Thanks Johnnidip, and if someone can give me another hand, i will be grateful

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Are you and davidegiorgetta students together, and is this for a school assignment?

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