Logo design for time travel company

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This logo is for a university project. Been given the task of branding a time travel business, if one existed. The concept is that of a timeline being distorted, hence being able to move in time. Please crit me on this!

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I love the lines & the idea behind, but I don't think the font works well with it...
Perhaps something a bit 'friendlier' that is in function of the logo & doesn't draw all the attention to itself?

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thanks for the comment. I agree that a friendlier typeface would stop the logo being two separate components. Posting the new version. how do you attach a PDF along with this reply?

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It's funny we just did a similar assignment in class in which we branded a 826 Valencia store that we made up. I made a "Snow Ball Supply Store".
I would put more of an idea of time travel in your logo. I don't get that feel, perhaps research a fusion of what makes travel, travel, and what images and motfis are "time". This has a lot of potential. Perhaps the direction clock hands turn could help enforce the idea of "time travel"

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use a JPG and the "Insert image" feature (below, bottom left)

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heres the Jpeg, redone with 'friendlier' type. Any suggestions on colour or is black & the lines becoming more opaque appropriate? (staying with the space-time concept)

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Ouch! I hate it when that happens...
I do like the B/W eratrek version (the revised one) better though...

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The new font is better. I like the style of the logo, how it's clean and clear and not sci-fi-like… feels more timeless than trendy, which is probably a good thing. Strange though: I keep reading "eartrek" – maybe because the logo seems more reminiscent of sound waves (or earthquakes, actually) than time travel… come to think of it, frankly I don't get the logic of the concept. If that is a timeline, then yes you're bending time; but to move back in time would mean moving to the left, rather than up and down, no?
Maybe it's just me. I might try playing more with concepts of backwards/forwards; use arrows?; clocks?; play with the standard left-to-right reading direction? Bend the time we spend reading the logo (backwards type? flipped letters? upside down?) Maybe you've already explored all this, but there seems to be so much to play with that might make the application clearer than what you have now.
(Props to your teacher too, this seems a really fun assignment.)

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@ Nina

Maybe the waves symbolize the power of the gravitation field. On a high mountain time goes by faster.

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