Cupcake shop logo design: OPEN TO CRITIQUE

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Definitely not the final version. On the left I have "Sin" in typeface Artbrush medium, and on the left in Bello. Sweet Sin is one of the only Gluten Free Bakery/Restaurants in Baltimore.

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I don't get the fuse reference in the design. I think that's has overly negative connotations in this era of terrorist bombings.

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Maybe they are just dynamite cupcakes!

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"I don't get the fuse reference in the design. I think that's has overly negative connotations in this era of terrorist bombings."


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I mean sure, maybe i'm being a little insensitive to "jasonc" but come on, didn't you learn anything when you read 1984? Why should I let our societie's over televised, over saturated terrorist news porn rule my creative solution? I guess I should take the "Tsunami Blueberry Punch" off the shelf then...
I see your point if it references "bombings" too much...I thought it was playful. Their cupcakes are the "Bomb"

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And what's effective graphic design if you're not stirring things up?

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I find it a bit strange that the top is all caps and then suddenly there's a capital in Sin. The capital S rather unbalances the bottom half. Also, in the Bello one, there's a lot more whitespace (blackspace?) around the "S" half of the cupcake, whereas the "in" half has a lot of concentrated white in one area, if you get my gist. Also, there's a slant on the sides of the cupcake bottom while the fonts are also slightly italic/slanted, but at a different angle, and it all just combines to make the bottom half look a bit messy.

Given the round and fluffy top section and the dark, somewhat jagged bottom section, have you thought about choosing a different font for the bottom that's also in caps, but maybe more jagged and pointy to contrast with the rounded font on the top?

I understand the "the bomb" joke, but the fuse does seem a bit superfluous. But that might just be because I'd be expecting the bottom half to be round, like a cartoon bomb.

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I've taken your suggestions into consideration, I have definitely been uncomfortable with how to resolve the SIN. I thought a two typeface approach could speak to the tones I was looking for but it is becoming forced.

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I think two typefaces is a good idea, but I don't think this kind of brush strokey font contrasts enough with the top one. I'd go for something in caps of a similar height and weight, but a completely different feel, a bit gothy or something with a center spur or something. Something a bit less soft.

That might be a bit too heaven/hell, but that cloudlike top half is kind of steering me that way. Please feel free to ignore me.

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Once again the PC environment has reared it's ugly, STUPID
+head and thwarted the search for an answer, get a life Jason!

Nick, I assume that is your name, use a lower case s, you may want to use a brush font with a bit more thick and thin to contrast the SWEET. Other than that it is pretty good... I could use a dynamite cupcake about now, even though I do not like sweets, just to wash down the bad taste of the other expert. :-)

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I have no problems with a reference to a bomb. The only problem is I didn't get the reference... I was getting more mixed metaphors between "sin" and "bomb." They're not connected enough semiotically to tie them together. Unless you put a subtitle, as you said, "Our cupcakes are the bomb!"

Maybe it's just me.

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I'm with Stevcres on this ...they're sins!

There should be 7 variations of the logo.

My 2 cents

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>>Once again the PC environment has reared it's ugly, STUPID
+head and thwarted the search for an answer, get a life Jason!<<

Ha ha, that's funny. I'm not personally offended by the bomb image, and if it's a reference to "da bomb", then there's no reason why you can't try that as a solution.

I'm just suggesting that from a branding perspective, this might not be the best solution for a cupcake company. I'm thinking of the general rule that you want to associate your client's name with a positive experience. And (especially after recent events in NYC), people subconscious reaction to the image of a bomb might not be positive right now.

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I think the bomb reference is just plain weird. It makes no sense to me, at all. Unless it can be defended somehow, I can't imagine how it adds to a cupcake company's identity. It's kinda like a wedding cake bakery using a hand grenade for a logo. It might be amusing, but only to the recently divorced, and they are exactly opposite the target market.

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A funnier/more appropriate logo (to imply "sin") would be to have a bite taken out of the cupcake, to imply "original sin" from the Bible (Apple will sue! lol.) I actually like this idea a lot so I'm copyrighting it here and now!

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Plenty of visuals represent "sin" - a pitchfork, a devil's tail, gates of hell, fire, etc. etc.

BTW, Steven, you can't copyright an idea. Nice try, though.

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Haha luckily for us designers you are correct.

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Is there any good reason to cramp the name into the cupcake symbol? I'd try to focus on the cupcake illustration first and then find a typeface that works.

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I think the bomb combined with the word sin just makes me think of getting fat and unhealthy. The colours are wrong, and the icing is too symmetrical and badly observed. Maybe have a bit dripping down. It needs to be a lot more sinful if that's what you're going for - how about the fuse ending in a devil's tail?

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honestly, that looks more like a muffin than a cupcake.
usually cupcakes are more ummm... cake shaped on the top.

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Recent poster for an Australian short film - Just Desserts

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I'm not crazy about the bomb reference – it makes me think: eat this now, and have heart attack later. Hand grenade/wedding cake, very funny. I think the evil needs to be minimised to make this work – so, perhaps a piece of cake discreetly underlined with a pitchfork. Or try playing with the good/evil theme by splitting it down the middle? I like the 'bite' concept. Here's another idea: how about a stylised smile (to fit top typeface), messy with icing (having just finished a cupcake). Or simply shaping the type into a sweet smile?

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