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Hey type geeks. :-) I'm looking for a new font for a book cover. It's for the author, Andy Andrews. If you look at the image below, notice the "the" in the title. I'm looking for something with similar flare, if you will. Appreciate any help. Thanks!!

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P.S. The font used for "The", in case it's hard to see, is FF Oneleigh Italic. Something comparable, but still unique enough would be nice.

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Glad you mentioned that, because I was going to recommend Oneleigh :-)

BTW, although the original Oneleigh only has a few swash caps (after Baskerville) for Oneleigh OT I completed the alphabet.

Scotch Modern has an interesting "all swash caps" effect: you can see it in the MyFonts type tester.

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Forgot to follow up here, guys. Thanks for all the help.

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