Turdido, a didone i started

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Here is another typeface i started, a didone, based on some specific proportions i wanted to work on.
All comments, suggestions and critiques are very welcome! thanks in advance! :)

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Nice, but are you aware of the meaning of the word "turd" in English...? May I suggest you come up with a different name ? ;-)

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HI, my name is Iny Sunari.
Im so new to this forum (today is my first day here), and a little toddler in the graphic design industry
I've made a layout of my resume, and please give some critiKs. :)
BTW, how do i get attachment load up here?

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@inysunari: Please start your own thread.
How to post samples:

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I love this face, it's looking really nice. The large x-height gives it a unique look. I would suggest redrawing the lowercase /g/... this one doesn't work at all.

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Great start. Some quick thoughts:

a-the top arm seems a bit short
g-the bottom seems a little out of character with the rest. It probably shouldn’t turn back upwards, but level out instead, before going down.
r-the arm should start a bit lower on the stem
t-I would extend the cross bar a little to the right

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@omashuisje yes, my english is not that good - my idea were to relate a special kind of bird, very common on the neibourhood on all places i lived which were a reference to its proportions, as well for having part of 'Didone' on its name: http://www.google.pt/images?um=1&hl=pt-PT&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&tbs=i... - well, maybe i can disguise this name enough if i rename it to 'Tourdido' ?

@traviskochel , @StevenAcres - thank you both! :) - anyway i fixed 'a' and 'g' indeed, and i'll show it later here. On 'a' i really wanted a short arm (like some carolingian calligraphy) and a narrow bowl height (like Garamond), and i'm also sensible that it looks weird and dissonant among the whole, and what i'm trying to do is doing small changes could increase some harmony, and it seems having an horizontal (orthogonal as almost everything else, as needed on that 'g' tail turnback) upper bowl stroke. And thanks about those 't' and 'r' issues i didn't notice about.

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@omashuisje or maybe Turido, what do you think? (now let's start playing with names for finding one more appropriated... :) ) i'm avoiding Tourido or Torido, because it may sound like 'bull' on iberic/latinamerican languages... (and i wanted to avoid this similarity, since i'm against bullfights, and i really don't want to see my typeface used on bullfight posters just because its name... ;) ) - anyway, suggestions for the name are welcome! :)

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did some fixes finally:
fixed 'g', 'a' (i think 'a' were fixed enough?), 't', and since i had to fix 'r', i fixed 'h','n' and 'm' as well. (of course i will have to do some more bezier drawing fixes, correcting the thick and thin stroke measures, in a next version)

as well, i started smallcaps and italic versions:

thank you all again, in advance, for more critiques! :)

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