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I can see this question has been asked before, without answers, so I'll try again...

I am having the same problem.. everytime I try printing from fontlab the program crashes.. anyone else experienced this?

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I've actually never tried to print from FontLab but have had similar bug-like things happen… 'Quick Test As' has never worked… ever… and at times in the past has crashed the program, also the Metric Commands Toolbar dropdown options fail to work… so when I come across bugs I report them and then move on to avoid frustration… occasionally I trash the preferences to get the Metric Commands Toolbar back in order… hopefully some of these things will be resolved in the next version. Maybe it's an OS X / Mac thing?

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is your font information filled in?

Under tends to die horribly if that information is missing.

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_leigh: Yes, That was it. :) Thank you for the tip!

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