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Trying to get ideas of what to do to with these - I have a maybe a 100 or so songs/poetry that I maybe want to put into a book. Found a trunk of them at my mom's house. They used to belong to my dad. He's been gone now 17 years. All are of the mostly folk or gospel type genre. Much are like Woody Guthrie songs.

Need some ideas what to do with them, what form I should put them in, or even what fonts to use. Maybe a song book? poetry book? memory book? Maybe a hardbound book or a collection of mini books? Whatever form I put them in, I'd like to be able to give copies to family, but I'm not even sure what format to use. Any thoughts or suggestions or know of anything similar existing? Not sure if it's something to publish/copyright or not. I work at a commercial printer, so I can do almost anything with them.

I find my thoughts are still awfully clouded when I think of what to do with these. It's still deeply personal. In there current form, many are on scraps of paper, notepads and even on kraft paper bag paper.

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Many years ago, I did a similar project, gathering thoughts from different sources and compiling an anthology. On each two-page spread, the recto contained a scan of the original document, and the verso was typeset (especially helpful in the case of bad handwriting in the original).

The end-product was a one-off presentation copy, and the budget was non-existent, so I printed the final project on an good-quality inkjet printer, and sleeved the pages and put them in a three-ring binder. If you have a DocuPress (or something similar) at your disposal, you could probably put together a saddle-stitched, perfect-bound or Wire-O-bound book in much the same way.

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Looking thru the Warhol book gives me the idea that I could incorporate old pics of dad. Maybe I could incorporate a picture of the trunk too - Might be interesting for a cover photo. I very much like the Idea of doing a spread with a scan of the original on left with a typeset version on the right hand page.

Hmm... Don't have a DocuPresss, but I have a Indigo digital press and have a job we regularly print on kraft paper with. I could probably incorporate the kraft paper on some pages. I like the idea of having a bit of art flair. Maybe I need to go to bookstore and look at some art books.

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I've done this before, I'd say personally that printing them out seperately and boxing them all together could give you the best results - it would mean you could go to town on different materials for each, fitting them in with the poem or song, and retaining the feel of the form you have them in. Keeping them very personal, I suppose. It would mean you wouldn't have to worry as much about dropping pages with different finishes into a booklet, and you could use different techniques to create something very beatiful. Maybe a little more work, but if you were to produce enough to give out to your family and some friends etc. Then see what the response is to it (if that was your plan, to see about publishing them). A few links that might spark something:

Aspen Magazine
BLAST 1 (.pdf)
BLAST 2 (also .pdf)
McSweeney's Quarterly Concern (NB no look inside or PDFs unfortunately, you'd have to buy one to see, but they're beautiful things)

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