Hello, my name is Taffee! I,m a font family from Suomi Type Foundry!

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Taffee is available from MyFonts:

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Is this finished and released? I’m seeing lots of problems.

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Oops, so do I. I'll fix those and try again. Thanks.

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This is the first time I've actually seen blatant racist imagery used to sell a font. You must be proud.

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Aww, that's a little harsh, and reading into things a bit I think.

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Is it really that harsh?


I'm not going to argue publicly about this. Do whatever you're comfortable with.

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For what it's worth, my jaw dropped when I saw this too. I know this kind of imagery isn't offensive world-wide (the Japanese still find blackface harmlessly amusing, for example), but in the US it's completely verboten.

The closest European parallel would probably be Nazi imagery.

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Seeing as how the civil rights movement is over, I found it hilarious. It's not done in a racist way, so why read into it as racism?

I mean, maybe Tomi from Suomi is actually a racist, in which case, oh shit, this is just wrong. :)

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Probably the hysteria about ‘this kind of imagery’ is unnecessary, as is any kind of hysteria.
Same with imagery being verboten or not.

I rather start wondering if there’s a direct link from quantity to quality even in type design…

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...but in the US it's completely verboten.

Except for major league sports teams.

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I didn’t think of it as racist, at least from a scandinavian perspective.

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This sounds like every conversation I've had with Americans about Sinterklaas and "Zwarte Piet" in Holland. "Perspective" vs. cultural norm aside...as long as you are promoting/selling online, your customers are international and you would be wise to consider how others perceive this.

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I didn't see it as anything but a cutesy cartoon creation and I worked closely with African Americans and African immigrants for years and years.
However, if others are seeing it differently, change it.

Can't fight something like that. The eye of the beholder.

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My apologizes to everyone who found my advert offencive. My intention was not to make any racist comment, I just made a cartoony image to work with the name of the font. I've already sent new graphics to replace those that offended people.

Finland, and most of Scandinavia (the Danes dabbled with that first part, I think) has no history of colonialism or slavery, so this kind of imagery is not considered "blatantly racist". But because this is international community, I should have considered the audience, and I failed to do that.

Therefore, I'm sorry.

But I do find this political correctness somewhat off-putting. I made "Taffee", not a negro (or what is a correct word?). He just happened to be black, because I made black background for the headline, and needed a graphic to fill the space. Taffee came from that.

But once again, I apologize.

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But I do find this political correctness somewhat off-putting.

Amen. Everyone's feelings get hurt so easily these days.

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Any comments on the font itself?

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Are you guys kidding me?? Some people will find racism in EVERYTHING! Find a new cause to focus on, get past this ridiculous conclusion.

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full stop
Tomi: quite pleasing (the bear and the font:)
The acute went too far to the right. I can't find the rest of Polish characters.

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I'm especially fond of the lowercase. Especially /a/t/y/ and /u/. The bold weights are great!

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Tomi, another nice font. Congrats.
I just think the <> <<>> needs more witdh in bolder weights.
Don't you consider to include a larger language support?

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It's just a caricature isn't it? Why is that racist? If anything it's anti-Welsh :)

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Yes it is, and I changed it already. And now I have to make those <> <<>>. And what's wrong with Welch?!? They have Katherina Zeta Jones, and they talk funny. And a mountain that used to be hill.

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