Great typography in business documents

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Hi, hi, thrice hi.

New member here, and my first post so here goes. I can find any number of articles about generic typography subjects such as terminology, basics about serifs v sans serifs and the like, and then again I can find lots of detailed tutorials about using software like InDesign, but I can't find any good resources about the combination of typography as applied in document design.

Put another way, I'd be very interested in seeing some examples, guidelines, rules of thumb etc. specifically relating to the design of business documents that are readable and functional but a step away from the dreaded Micro$oft Word template sort of documents.

Between the basics on typography and the complexity of a magazine layout there has to be something about excellent design of documents such as letters, reports (annual reports as well as topic focused reports), questionnaires and manuals (policy documents, procedures, etc.). Any ideas out there people?

If not, then is anyone interested in making this thread something of a reference of the good, bad and indifferent in designing superior business documents?

Love the forum and look forward to hearing some comments back!

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Do you know Charles Hedrick's Guidelines for Typography in NBCS? Find it under the following link as pdf file set in different exemplary typefaces:


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A Google search for "information design" will turn up some articles on this general topic, although they won't be focused solely on typography.

Normally companies will hire graphic design consultants to create a graphic standards manual for their company, and it will include typographic standards, templates, etc.

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Thanks very much to both of you - very useful. In particular that set of guidelines by Charles Hedrick is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, there's some great information in that paper! I'll check out the other links on the Rutgers web site later but this is enough to get me started.

Have a great day!

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