Apprenticeships in Letter Carving

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Apprenticeships in Letter Carving

Learning how to design, draw and carve letters in stone and slate

Two apprenticeships in letter carving are now available in Cambridge and north Norfolk respectively, funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and organised and administered through the Memorial Arts Charity.

The scheme was established in 2002 and from its inception it has been fully funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. The first apprenticeship began in 2002 has just finished very successfully, and a second apprenticeship is taking place in North Wales.

Applications are now invited for the positions in Cambridge and north Norfolk. The apprentice serves a two-year apprenticeship with a Master, after which it is hoped the apprentice could be taken on as an assistant, and further training will be encouraged through a new Journeyman scheme to be organised by The Memorial Arts Charity. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate an enthusiasm for lettering, and intend to make a career as a full-time lettercarver after the apprenticeship is over. Commitment and enthusiasm are more important than experience.

The pay will be

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