problem with footnotes while exporting .doc to .pdf

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I have a problem when I export text, and especially footnotes, from word (2003) to pdf.
You can see the problem in these screenshots (taken from the exported pdf):

The problem is these tag-like characters that appear with the footnote reference in the text and also the footnote number at the bottom of the page. I guess there are some sort of tags that word uses to make the footnote reference a link to the actual footnote when you read the text in word. Is there a way to avoid having these marks printed when you export the text in pdf?

Another problem (again with the footnotes) is shown in the following screenshot:

The problem here is that when exporting the text in pdf, a number is added before the footnote separator as if it is a "Heading 1" styled text. The same number appears before every footnote separator.

Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks you in advance.

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Anyone? It's kind of emergent...

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This can happen if you used PDFMaker. The TPF and FPT are footnote markers that apparently get inserted by PDFMaker. I've found a number of PDFs on the web that have them in ZWAdobeF 1 point font. If you have Acrobat, print your document to a .ps file and then distill the .ps file.

I suspect the heading style being applied to the footnote separator is also due to PDFMaker. However, the footnote separator might have picked up a hyperlink or other cross reference. Go into Normal view and open the footnote separator for editing; look for any field codes or whatever (you might have to set up your options to view field codes).

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Thank you very much for the response Gus.

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Everything worked great. Thank you again.

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