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Hello everybody,
I'm submitting to your critique a display font called Elektro. It began as custom lettering job I did for a friend's band logo. It's inspired by their prog rock music style with a touch of modernist aesthetic. I'm currently working on alternate weights, as well as a matching italic and a slab serif. Any advice on how to improve it is greatly appreciated.

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The /e/ looks a little heavy and thick. Could you try making the crossbar come up at the intersection on the left, like the bottom of the /u/?

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@eliason: Thanks for the suggestion! You're right about the 'e' being too heavy. I made corrections to it, and came up with 3 possible versions. I prefer the first option, since it keeps the overall clean look of the font.

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Yup, the third is what I was picturing but I think you're right that the first alternative is better.

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This is nice work and I think you've done the right thing with the e.
Here are some suggestions, take with a bit of salt:
£ is out of character. The base needs to be flat in this style of font.
I think the guillemets should be bevelled like the greaterthan/lessthan symbols.
I'd make the tops and bottoms of the braces and brackets longer as the proportions of the alphabetics are quite wide.
Section sign is really interesting!
Horizontal arm of 4 could be a bit lower to open up the counterspace and balance the figure better.
I'd make the circles of % a bit darker.
B looks wide?
Crossbar of f looks lower than the one on t. I'm quite a fan of low crossbars but I think they should be the same height.
X and x may benefit from some offset.
y may need more counterspace above its tail; can you move the junction up? This style is quite hard to draw in my experience and might take a few tries to work nicely.

If you post a pdf we can take a closer look. Good work :)

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@Bendy: Thanks for the suggestions, I implemented all of them. I attached a pdf in to the first post also.

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Yes, those all look like definite improvements to me, but the important thing is whether you're happy with them?

A few more suggestions:
Ampersand looks kind of dark. Maybe you can trim some weight off somewhere (shorter hood?) I'm not sure if the design isn't too funky?
I'd make the outside of parentheses curved not straight.
1: larger flag?
2: the horizontal middle seems ungainly to me, can it slope slightly?
4: widen the whole shape or just the counter slightly?
W: feet should be wider apart
£: I'd switch the top and bottom terminals so the hood curls over and the foot is flat. The crossbar should be lower — think of an E rather than an f.
Centre of currency sign looks too round for this font.
Dieresis on y is off-centre.
n_acute needs diacritic a bit further right. Check s_acute too.

I'm enjoying this one.

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This is quite good.

The tilde of ñ is off-center.
I'm not an expert on ogoneks, but I think they would be better moved to be flush with the right side of Ę and ę.
The ampersand is a bit cluttered.

I disagree about W; I like it the way it is.

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Thanks for the remarks guys, keep'em coming! They're greatly appreciated.

@Bendy: Of course I'm happy with the those changes. Your remarks were spot on!
@Cerulean: I live and work in Poland as a designer (though I'm not Polish) and I'm very familiar with the ogonek. Generally the one on 'e' is not positioned flush right, it's supposed to flow down from the tail. Of course, there can be quite different stylistic approaches to it.

I'll post some new stuff soon to reflect your suggestions as well as new glyphs for the Cyrillic and Greek alphabet. By the way, I designed this face for a rock band, so I was thinking that this can be used for music related design. But do you see other potential uses for it?

And once again, thank you very much!

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Upper connections in M and W look too weak for me.
What do you think?

Kraków.. hence Pogodno between Police and Duke Ellington :)
[mógłbyś spojrzeć na mój projekt? http://typophile.com/node/70324
bardzo mnie interesuje Twoje zdanie...]
Best wishes

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Well, I finally managed to make time to post some updates to the design. I took all your observations under consideration and I also managed to add a Cyrillic and Greek set of characters. They are based on two codepages, but I'm considering adding more characters to cover the Unicode ranges for these two alphabets. Also, I made a poster for a friend's band (the one that inspired the design of Elektro) using a somewhat older version of the typeface:

A small detail, where another type experiment of mine can be seen used alongside Elektro:

I updated the PDF in the first post with the new version. Let me know what you think, as always, feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Looking good.
I would consider bringing in the foot of lowercase el a bit - it opens up spaces within the words.
I find the /st/ ligature a bit distracting.
On /W/, does the last stroke lean out too far? Looks thick in the middle, too. /w/'s last stroke also leans out to my eyes. Is your intention to have even stroke weights on /w/? It looks to me a bit like (l to r) thick thin thin thick, when convention would have it thick thin thick thin (or even thickness).
I'd consider thin crossbars on yen and Euro, like $ has.
Would you consider a version with longer extenders? They look pretty stubby here.

That rounded face is appealing, too!

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