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Hi everyone,

Type in the style of passport stamps...



In particular the Australian one... the date stamp especially...

To help y'all out - Im making a logo for an event which I want to appear as a stamp...


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FF Confidential
- or -
Crash Numerals (Free-may be handy)
- or -
The type surrounding the australian date is plain old helvetica. Lay the whole thing out. Print and photocopy several times. Light contrast, then dark. Scan back in. Voila! Any sans will do. Tip: you can even rotate the photocopy slightly while the light is passing by to give that rolled stamp look.

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Cheers Randy - helpful as ever!

I'd really like that crash numbering font - but I I'm on PC... :-(


That's what I've done so far... looking ok-ish - used Helvetica rounded...

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I would avoid italicizing the text, as you'll rarely see that style of type used on passport stamps. You also might want to look at roughening up the edges of the text a bit more to simulate the rubber stamp look. Yves posted this tutorial a while back. It may give you some ideas.

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Also check out our Machine Wash Image Filters - We've yet to have a disappointed customer: http://www.misterretro.com

Stuart :D

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For another more subtle rubber stamp try this in photoshop...

filters > artisic > underpainting

play about with the filter to get the edges to fade with a bit of texture

then duplicate that layer...

then filters > stylize > find edges

then make that top layer "multiply"


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Just caught that Rubber Stamp Tutorial that Yves posted, great stuff... any ideas for "cut up" effects? They're everywhere nowadays on "vintage" shirts... but I just don't know how it's done. Any more help Yves? If you need a sample I can post one up. Maybe this should go in its own forum?

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You would be interested in Mister Retro's "Machine Wash Filters" -- http://www.misterretro.com/image_filters.html

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Lissenup, as I told in my "tutorial", this is a ten year old trick.
Which version of Photoshop would that have been? 2? 3?
I'm sure the multitude of available filters and effects in the
current version can get you there a lot easier and faster. :-)

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