Background Issue on Fontlab

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Hi there!
I am once again "typefacing". Back from the grave!
Anyway, i am having a strange issue in Fontlab.
Tried to import background but it doesnt recognize the .JPG or .BMP or even .GIF it does recognize .TIFF but when i try to import tiff it just gives me an error.

Any idea?

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FontLab supports .BMP and .TIFF in bitmap (black and white) mode.

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I tried to use .BMP but it just didn't worked, since I don't have my laptop yet, i'm using a old windows, used paint to convert to .BMP and to convert to .TIFF tiff is natural that it did error since it has to be in B&W but BMP? Fontlab doesn't even "see" .BMP

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I dont get it. tried tiff in grayscale and... nothing!

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