(x) Celtic/Gaelic Calligraphic logo - DS Mysticora {Michel B}

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I spent quite a while on identifont trying to figure this one out, to no luck.
Seems somewhat similar to some of the 'celtic/gaelic' fonts, but i couldn't find a match.

The V is pretty rare. Would you call this a serifed or not serifed font?

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Would you call this a serifed or not serifed font?

Neither: it's calligraphic...

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This seems to be a slightly flattened version of a calligraphic script called MacHumaine. I am not linking to it, because I think it seems dubious ("unknown" designer). Perhaps that name will suggest an legitimate font with a similar name?

- Mike Yanega

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Mike, you are right about all letters but the V, and the stretching. MacHumane's V differs. According to this link, MacHumaine is from Bill Horton and a very similar font from Dan Smith, DS Mysticora, has the appropriate V, once stretched:

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Some further info on MacHumane on this thread:

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Thanks all! The name DS Mysticora does sound familiar.


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