(x) Domaine De Canton Font - custom by Mucca, similar to Schiller Antiqua {self (Robert T), Mike Y}

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Hello all.

Here is a design by Mucca and I'm aware that they do a lot of their own type design. I'm hoping it isn't the case for this design because I could use this font/style for a project that requires a "Frenchy, not entirely art nouveau, storefront sign" font.

Any ID or other suggestions would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance,


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It probably is custom work, but Schiller Antiqua is somewhat similar in the heavier weights. The T would need the most tweaking, but you could approximate this with layering.

I'm still looking for something closer. Perhaps at Letterhead Fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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Confirmed via Mucca: It's a custom. Thanks!

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I believe Joshua Darden is either the designer or owner of the fonts, and he gave them to Matteo of Mucca. Darden posted about it here: http://www.dardenstudio.com/notes/canton-liqueur

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