Coming soon: Andreas Stötzner’s new sans

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I am about to finalize work on that new sans family.
The special thing is: an uncial variant that matches the upper and lowercase parts.

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This looks marvellous, Andreas. Do you think maybe the tittles in the roman is a little high above the ı?

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Impressive, Andreas. Not only the unicial and sans interaction, the uppercase looks promising too (the bold "GOTHENBURG").

Hehe, Ster2019s

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Or maybe not? That was my first impression seeing “Lapidaria”, and reinforced with the tittle in the uncial.

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tittles – you mean the dot of the i? Too high? Hhm.

Hehe, Ster2019s – – Oh dear, oh dear. I finally raised that matter in this thread, hoping for some progress.

marvellous, impressive
– Thank you, gentlemen.
It is, I’m afraid ;-)

I will never have to touch Futura again.


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Looks good; I like the idea of an accompanying uncial.
Check the kerning around 'v' ("Primavera")

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the kerning around 'v'

oh yes. Maybe, the v is still a bit too wide …

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yes, the /v/ and the /w/ could both be narrowed a bit. Some spacing problems show up in "nkowski" too.

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