New e-commerce brand. Critiques wanted.

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I decided to source out the branding part of a a new e-commerce project for a client. I'm somewhat pleased with the work produced so far as is the client, but I feel there's something missing. None of the concepts produced strike me as great. Some are better than others, but even the better ones are lacking that polished feel. I'm stuck here and not sure what direction to take, so I've signed up for Typophile to see if I can get some feedback from the community.

Of these concepts, which ones are your guys favorites and why? What would you suggest doing to improve them? I know the type needs a lot of work, so that would be the first place I'd start. Any ideas for the symbols?

Thanks guys for any feedback you can provide.

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What does Buy It Build It do?

- Jason C

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Good question.

They sell building materials for home construction: natural stone, tile, cabinets, hardware, crown molding, etc. Once you've made your purchase, they pair you up with a contractor performs the installation.

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Page 2, A.

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Shouldn't you be talking through this with the designer you hired?

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double post?

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I find it absurd that you're asking for advice on a forum rather than work out the identity with your designer.

If you don't know what's missing, and you didn't even think it was relevant to tell us what the company did before asking us to evaluate the proposed work, well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you're what I'd call a total nightmare client.

Your designer is the one you should be talking this through with, not us. Frankly, the conversation should be directly between the designer and the owner of BuyItBuildIt.

The designer can't create a mark to represent a concept unless the concept is perfectly clear; THAT is exactly what's "missing." The concept becomes clear throughout the design process; and what you're doing here? You're asking a bunch of random strangers what the concept is! I can't think of anything more disruptive to logo design than your approach, dreamten. If you want a terrific result, trust your designer.

I just checked out your website, and I was shocked to discover you've done identity design yourself. How would you have reacted if a client posted your preliminary sketches here?

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Why are you assuming that I haven't talked this through with the designer? The concepts above are the result of our many back and forth conversations. We reached a point with funding that the revisions could continue no more, which is why I reached out to this community.

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Steve, thanks for the reply. The designer, client, and I are all in agreement about this version being the best of the bunch.

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The mark from pg. 2, A is the best. The type needs work though.

Don't use the cheap effects from the last few samples. They instantly turn the logo into kitsch.

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No problem :)

I agree with penn and ink. The effects inside the letters are alright, but I don't think the reflection is necessary at all. The type on the very last one looks better than the one I mentioned, so I'd go with that.

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Page 1 C
Page 2 C

This icon strongly conveys (to me) what you're trying to say in three ways:

1. It's like an instruction manual that's folded out
2. It's made of up four parts (1-2-3-4) and Buy It Build It is 1-2-3-4. A subtle visual rhythm...but its there in the syllables.
3. they evoke a staircase, and that says a lot of things: journey, process, structure... Now only if it were slanted to ascend...ascension is what the customer will get when they build their creation.

Consider your staircase idea and refine it.

I'd also look at how to treat the name. So far, you've always got the "I" in "It" in uppercase.

BUYitBUILDit reads well to me also (not in this typeface, of course, but as a case treatment). I want the punch to be on the BUY and BUILD. "It" is subordinate and hangs onto its parents. BUY it BUILD it. See how it sounds out loud, and thats how it should read in your head.

Page 2A is also good but I'm not convinced that there needs to be a double house. One house tag says it all. You might even let it dangle at an angle. That rhymed! could even have it dangle from the title. Being playful wouldn't hurt -- most of these examples feel corporate and stiff. The lyrical playfulness of BuyItBuildIt is betrayed by the upright, geometric, symmetrical examples.

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